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All prices include a 5% consumption tax which is deducted at payment if the items are to be shipped abroad.


With the more austere form of Noh, Kabuki is one of the outstanding theatrical traditions of Japan. Its all-male actors, its vibrant acting and colorful performances have journeyed from Kyoto where it began in the 17th century, all the way to the stages of New York, London or Roma

This long tradition has given birth to many famous stories and roles, which in turn have become a staple of the Japanese culture. Kabuki dolls are traditional Japanese dolls that represent such characters and roles in their finest details and expressions.

#11001 Kagamijishi (W)
27300 yen
W 20 D 25 H 34 (cm)
#11002 Kagamijishi (R)
27300 yen
W 20 D 25 H 34 (cm)

#31417 Fujimusume
32025 yen
W 27 D 21 H 47 (cm)
#31418 Yaegaki
34650 yen
W 27 D 21 H 47 (cm)


The bride is so beautiful, so heartbreaking in her white dress – dress which took so much time to choose and prepare, not to mention the money spent on it! Yet the moment is fleeting and the inspiration it grants will inevitably fades with time, unless…

Bride dolls represent Japanese brides attired in their best traditional dresses and ornaments, and enable you to enjoy that special moment for many decades to come.

#38807 Kotohogi
26250 yen
W 27 D 21 H 43 (cm)
#38808 Kotobuki
29400 yen
W 27 D 21 H 43 (cm)
#38809 Kotobuki
35700 yen
W 27 D 21 H 43 (cm)

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